《You can play basketball well》说课稿

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《You can play basketball well》说课稿 《You can play basketball well》说课稿

《You can play basketball well》说课稿


说目标:1、单词教学:true  well

语句教学:Can you run fast?  Can you jump high? 

Can you catch the ball? 

You can play basketball well.






说重点:掌握与打篮球有关的一些问句及回答。能用句型:Can you …?







Step 1:热身活动

  1.Greeting:Good morning, boys and girls.

2.          T:Let’s sing an English song.(课件出示一首英文歌:Can you throw high in the sky? 学生边唱边跳)

1.     做游戏:

T:Would you like to play a game? Miss Wang say: swim, you say : I can swim. Miss Wang say: Run. You say : I can run. OK?(老师一边说一边做动作,板书:I can…)now, stand up.

T: Run. Swim. Jump. Play basketball. Play football. Play pingpong. Read a book.


T: Good job. Boys and girls. Look at the pictures on the screen. Say: I can…(老师出示课件。)

 I can swim.

 I can play pingpong.

 I can run.

 I can sing.

 I can dance.

 I can play basketball.

 I can play football.

 I can ride.

 I can jump.


Step 2  任务导入

  T: Great. (老师做跑的动作边说)I can run. But I can’t run fast.

T: Can you run fast? (边说学生边在黑板上板书)

T: (师问多个学生)Can you run fast?

Ss: Yes, I can. (No, I can’t.)

T: Yes, you can run fast. Please come here.

(叫两个学生回答yes的学生上台比赛,看谁跑得快。Who is the winner?)


S:Can you jump?

T: I can jump. But I can’t jump high.

 T: (师问多个学生)Can you jump high?

Ss: Yes, I can.(No, I can’t.)


T: Now look at me and ask.


S: I can play basketball. Guess.Can Miss Wang play basketball well?


T:Yes, you you can’t.

T: (师问学生)Can you play basketball well?

Ss: Yes, I can. (No, I can’t.)


老师问:Can you catch the ball?

(老师用实物和动作表示并出示catch the ball卡片,教授词组:catch , catch , catch the ball,学生边传球边操练词组catch the ball)

(老师手拿篮球边问学生):Can you catch the ball?

S: Yes , I can. (学生边接住球边答)


Step 3: 任务操练

T: Boys and girls. Look at the screen. Work in pairs. One ask: Can you…? The other answer: Yes, I can. Or No, I can’t.

(老师请学生两人一组根据课件上的图片一问一答练习:Can you…? Yes, I can. No, I can’t.)

S1: Can you walk?

S2: Yes , I can.

S3:Can you sing?

S4: Yes, I can.

S5: Can you run fast?

S6: No, I can’t.

S7: Can you swim?

S8: No, I can’t.

S9:Can you fly?

S10: No, I can’t.

S11: Can you play basketball?

S12: Yes, I can.

S13: Can you play football?

S14: No, I can’t.

S15: Can you jump high?

S16: Yes, I can.


Step 4  呈现对话

T: You did a good job. Now look at the four pictures. Who are they?

Ss: They are Amy, Sam and Lingling.

T: Yes. What are they talking about? Listen carefully first.


T: What are they talking about?

(引导学生说)T and S:They are talking about playing basketball.

T: listen again and answer my questions.

T: Well done. Listen to the tape and repeat.

T: Read the dialogue in groups.


Step 5  任务拓展

让小组长问他们的组员:学校要开秋季运动会,同学们会什么项目度展开讨论。使用句型:Can you …? Yes, I I can’t.


Step 6  作业

1.listen and act the dialogue.

2.Ask your friend’s abilities with the sentence “Can you…?”


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