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  unit 1

  1. It is easy to one state of matter from another.

  A. differ B. vary C. distinguish D. disturb

  2. I’d like to a special seat for the concert of May 5.

  A. serve B. reserve C. preserve D. conserve

  3. Wind blowing harder, the boat .

  A. tipped over B. tipped out C. tipped off D. tipped in

  4. It was necessary to the factory building as the ***pany was doing more and more business.

  A. increase B. lengthen C. grow D. extend

  5. Mr. Smith is too busy to spare any time Sunday afternoon.

  A. only in B. except for C. unless on D. except on

  6. On the Trans-Siberian railway, you travel along the shores of Lake Baikal, through dark forests, wide plains, past herds of grazing cattle.

  A. above B. across C. over D. on top of

  7. If you want to get a cheap flight ticket you must it in advance.

  A. book B. engage C. try D. look at

  8. You can never that fellow for help at a critical moment.

  A. rely for B. depend at C. count on D. trust on

  9. The heavy snow the traffic for three days.

  A. broke B. banned C. blocked D. backed

  10. He was last seen in public on the of his daughter’s wedding.

  A. chance B. event C. occasion D. affair

  11. We’d hardly got into the country it began to rain.

  A. than B. since C. when D. that

  12. Ja*** was thinking of quitting the job since she was really of arguing with her boss every day.

  A. dreary B. weary C. angry D. worn out

  13. The ship set out for the of the ocean depths.

  A. exploration B. explosion C. expose D. exposition

  14. The average wage of 25 dollars a week was hardly enough for a family to .

  A. pass by B. live on C. live with D. pass on

  15. It must have been who gave the signal.

  A. them B. they C. theirs D. these

  16. Do you think the boss would be angrily if I home early?

  A. went B. go C. had gone D. would go

  17. Before he entered the university, he worked a washroom attendant.

  A. as B. like C. at D. with

  18. that your son is well again, you longer have anything to worry about.

  A. Since B. Now C. When D. After

  19. He is unable to answer the questions about the new text. He it yesterday

  A. must have previewed B. ought to preview

  C. ought to have previewed D. should preview

  20. I do for him, he never feels satisfied.

  A. Whatever B. Whenever C. However D. Whichever

  21. The material the apparatus was made is a good nonconductor of heat.

  A. that B. in which C. of which D. of that

  22. Many people feel unable to keep up with the rapid of modem life

  A. speed B. growth C. rate D. pace

  23. My grandparents are not interested in modem music. They are the times.

  A. before B. behind C. after D. against

  24. Many people favor more nuclear power plants.

  A. to build B. in building C. build D. building

  25. He came all the way to China for promoting friendship for making money.

  A. other than B. more than C. better than D. rather than

  26. The effect of TV the life of average people is incalculable.

  A. in B. about C. for D. on

  27. I want your advice what I ought to do next.

  A. as for B. as to C. as regard D. with regard

  28. It is because he was too conceited he failed in the interview

  A. that B. so that C. so D. therefore

  29. The students still don’t know how to use the subjunctive mood. I greater emphasis on it.

  A. should have lied B. should have laid C. should have lain D. must have laid

  30. He is not so much a help as I thought he would be.

  A. of B. in C. like D. as

  31. At no time and under no circumstances his personal interest first.

  A. should a ***munist place B. a ***munist place

  C. a ***munist should place C. shouldn’t a ***munist place

  32. We charge more for the reason the prices of electricity and water have gone up.

  A. because B. since C. as D. that

  33. had I known her name, .

  A. or does she know mine B. and where does she live

  C. she would ***e here D. I would have invited her to lunch

  34. They stopped , but there was no sound.

  A. hearing B. listening C. to hear D. to listen

  35. Though badly damaged, the Greek merchant ship tried to make her home port.

  A. to B. towards C. into D. for

  36. , her heart was beating faster and faster.

  A. Listening to the ***ing footsteps B. As she listened to the ***ing footsteps

  C. When listening to the ***ing footsteps D. To the ***ing footsteps as she listened

  37. When Jane fell off the slide, the other children .

  A. couldn’t help laughing B. weren’t able to stop laugher

  C. could not avoid to laugh D. could not step but laughing

  38. While climbing that high mountain, he had his left leg .

  A. broken B. to be broken C. being broken D. got broken

  39. for your foolish act, we wouldn’t have been suspected by the enemy.

  A. If it was not B. If it is not C. It had not been D. Had it not been

  40. so many people in the U.S. been out of work as today.

  A. In the past, there never have B. More than ever before have

  C. Formerly, there never were D. Never before have

  unit 2

  1. A power failure ***pletely the cake he was baking.

  A. damaged B. weakened C. spoiled D. injured

  2. A supervisor must obey orders, .

  A. train his men and to keep ***plete records

  B. to train his men and to keep ***plete records

  C. train his men and keep ***plete records

  D. training his men and keeping ***plete records

  3. They did not find to prepare for the worst conditions they might meet.

  A. worth their while B. it worth C. it worthwhile D. it worthy

  4. The student of the teacher concerning the meaning of the sentence.

  A. asked B. inquired C. questioned D. required

  5. Upon returning from work,- .

  A. John found a letter in the mailbox

  B. a letter was in the mailbox

  C. .a letter was found in the mailbox

  D. the mailbox had a letter in it

  6. The reason he has been such a success is he never gives up.

  A. that B. because C. which D. why

  7. The United States an enormous wealth of resources.

  A. persuades B. performs C. possesses D. permits

  8. The criminal dared not go out because he was afraid of .

  A. recognizing B. having recognized

  C. having been recognized D. being recognized

  9. The Americans and the British not only speak the same language but also a large number of social customs.

  A. share B. join C. take D. make

  10. I can never f***et the famous actress during her visit to our school.

  A. having been met B. to have met

  C. to meet D. meeting

  11. you take up the job yourself, find it is not as easy as it seems to be .

  A. When, you must B. Once, you will

  C. Since, you can D. As, you should

  12. It was in this spirit that each man his job.

  A. carried about B. carried off

  C. carried over D. carried out

  13. I simply can't understand why you avoided to me.

  A. speaking B. to speak C. having spoken D. speech

  14. Lewis was sad in although he was cheerful in ***pany.

  A. public B. class C. business D. private

  15. , the idea of working under a woman frustrated him.

  A. Wanting the job very much B. Though he wanted the job very much

  C. When wanting the job very much D. Wanted the job very much

  16. There was so much noise that the speaker couldn't make himself .

  A. hearing B. to hear C. heard D. being heard

  17. Many products made of clay such as cups, bowls and plates are in Tangshan which is not far from Beijing.

  A. manufactured B. prepared C. invented D. discovered

  18. today, he would get there by Friday.

  A. Would he leave B. If he leaves

  C. Was he leaving D. Were he to leave

  19. in bed for several hours, he felt much better.

  A. Having lain B. Having laid C. Laying D. Lying

  20. At first he was unwilling, but we soon him to ***e with us.

  A. persuaded B. attracted C. agreed D. suggested

  21. Professor Lockwood re***mended that Juan in chemistry.

  A. not major B. not to major C. wouldn't major D. isn't majoring

  22. Surely he didn't make any errors in his job, his boss would have fired him.

  A. unless B. in case C. provided that D. otherwise

  23. His parents died when he was young so he was by his grandparents.

  A. brought up B. brought out C. grown up D. taken out

  24. It was between 1830 and 1835 the modern newspaper was born.

  A. when B. that C. which D. because

  25. The librarian is for all the books in the library.

  A. dutiful B. dependent C. responsible D. confident

  26. "can't you read?" Mary said to the notice.

  A. angrily pointing B. and point angrily

  C. angrily pointed D. and angrily pointing

  27. The world we live is made up of matter.

  A. on which B. of which

  C. at which D. in which

  28. The medical team seventeen doctors and nurses.

  A. consists of B. makes up

  C. ***poses of D. is ***prised of

  29. Being poor, some children , we should try our best to help them.

  A. are dropping out B. had dropped out

  C. have dropped out D. have been dropped out

  30. Although John was the eldest in the family, he always let his sister charge of the house.

  A. get B. make C. take D. hold

  31. The building is said in a fire two years ago.

  A. to have destroyed B. having been destroyed

  C. to have been destroyed D. to be destroyed

  32. A man of words and not of deeds is a garden full of weeds.

  A. just as B. just like C. alike D. as if

  33. We are both looking forward to next week.

  A. go on vacation B. going on vacation

  C. be going on vacation D. have gone on vacation

  34. The doctor took almost no time making the worried patient feel ease.

  A. with B. at C. on D. off

  35. Tom isn't the tallest boy in the class, but he is taller than students.

  A. any of the B. some C. any other D. some of the

  36. wins the election will have many problems.

  A. Who else B. No matter who C. Anyone D. Whoever

  37. The weather in Guilin that in San Francisco.

  A. as same as B. just like C. is same D. is similar to

  38. The house is much too small .

  A. for us to live B. for us to live in

  C. that we can't live D. that we can't live in

  39. Decisiveness is desirable under many circumstances, but there are times when it is wise to

  A. do B. act C. perform D. hesitate

  40. By 11 o'clock, he will for four hours.

  A. have been studying B. will study

  C. will be studying D. will have studying

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